Cyberpunk Wonderland [STATUS]

With the theatrical release of Bladerunner 2049 (above center) and recent video game releases like Bloober Team’s psychological horror gem Observer (above right) and Reikon Games’ beautifully brutal Ruiner (above left), the cyberpunk genre is seeing a magnificent resurgence — it’s always been there, hovering quietly, really. But now the genre is screeching to a halt right in the spotlight and I couldn’t be more excited. Of all the punks, cyberpunk has been my second home for years and years.

To celebrate this magical time, we thought we’d gather up a set of items to get you started on your own cyberpunk look! Now, these are just a few suggestions/some inspiration to get you started. There are many styles under the cyberpunk umbrella — you might be more Gareth Pugh-inspired, more Rick Owens-inspired or more anime-inspired and that’s great! Fashion is always about making your own choices and finding your own style and this is a great genre to find inspiration from. Of course, I’m biased cause like I said, cyberpunk has been my second home for Far Too Long.

Crisiswear ClothingHooded Cowl Dress // CyberdogShield Necklace // ZOLNARCyberpunk Top

Alter Egos SocietyFuture Bag // Crisiswear ClothingBREETVA Halter Top // Michelle UberresteOtherworldly Skirt

PoprageousCircuit Board Leggings // bioticGeometrical Posturing Collar // ZUKUJewelleryProletariat Glass Earrings

ZOLNARIndustrial Arm Warmers // sistatankCyberpunk Printed Top // CyberdogScrew Visor

For a good look at cyberpunk fashion in the media, check out this blog post over on!

Five Nights at Freddy’s Retro Shirt [LOOT]

Five Nights at Freddy's Retro Shirt

GUESS WHAT? It’s almost September and that means it’s almost fall and that means a.) the one year anniversary of this blog! and b.) SPOOK SEASON IS UPON US… so what better way to celebrate early than with a horror game?

Five Nights at Freddy's Retro ShirtOne of my favorite parts of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series are the weird and unsettling little 8-bit mini-games sprinkled throughout the main installments of the series. Besides having bits and pieces of lore in them, the sounds, visuals and overall feel of them only add to the absolute creep factor. So of course, when Sanshee released this shirt, I knew it was a thing I needed in my wardrobe!

BONUS!: It’s on sale for half off at the time this post went online! Go grab one!

The blood spills and SAVE THEM are great touches here and the fact that FNaF creator Scott Cawthon’s website name — SCOTTGAMES — is the name of the game company creating this retro cartridge just makes it all the more perfect. I have a couple of shirts from Sanshee and they’re all very comfortable — meaning this one is no different. Also, since it’s a t-shirt, it’s perfect for layering when the weather starts getting cooler BECAUSE SPOOK SEASON WOOOOOO!!!

(For size reference, I’m 5’4″ and I’m wearing a Unisex Medium.)

Reaper Here. [ARMOR]

Reaper - Overwatch August 8th — today! — marks the beginning of Overwatch’s second Summer Games event! To celebrate, I thought putting together an outfit for one of my country’s Overwatch reps would be entertaining. I’m from the United States, so did I choose the grizzled soldier and father figure who dad dances with the best of them? The gruff cowboy with the amazing southern accent and a skin that actually has an American flag serape?

No, I chose Reaper. Because Reaper. 😉

Also, because then I could do the shrugging pose.

Reaper - Overwatch Reaper - Overwatch Reaper - Overwatch

I will admit, one of the main reasons I chose Reaper was the adorable plush I just received from the amazing Sincerely, Twelve shop. When they put birb reaper plush up for preorder, I instantly mashed the add to cart button and was filled with glee to see that the preorder Reaper contained a mini-version inside! I knew the mini-version would be a part of my outfit for today and everything sort of built around that. I knew I wanted a big belt I could put him on so he’d be front and center. Also, everything was going to be black, pretty much (of course). Maybe with a little hint of red. Again, because Reaper, hehe.

Reaper - Overwatch

I ended up with an outfit that had a touch of 90’s goth to it (I love those boots) and thought that would be a great look for cheering on my favorites in the Summer Games. I mean, wearing all black would be perfect to go sit out in the heat to watch a game of Lúcioball, right?

Have fun with the Summer Games event and may all your loot boxes be filled with legendarys! ♡

Clover – Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors [SKILLS]

Clover - Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Clover - Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 DoorsWith con season in full swing, we figured the Skills category needed another post! Today we’re going to be looking at one of the many characters from the Zero Escape series — Clover! Specifically her outfit from the first game of the series, 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I can’t praise the game enough and if you’re a fan of visual novels and plot twists galore and haven’t had a chance to pick this series up yet, you should give it a shot!

Each character in 999 has their own unique style and Clover is no different. In fact, she’s one of the most recognizable characters from the cast — even more than Junpei and his magical puffy turquoise vest. It might be her hair or the leg warmers — but whatever it is, it’s all very her and we’re going to look at each piece of her outfit for cosplay purposes!

Earmuffs – Clover’s earmuffs are a white leopard print which covers the headband part as well as the actual earmuffs. If you wanted to buy a pair of regular/cheaper earmuffs and cover them with white leopard print fabric, that might be an easier way to go. Or something a little off when it comes to the color like these, where the idea will get across but it’s not exact (but they’re cheap!)~ I found links to a couple pairs that were all-over white leopard print, but they were either sold out or $100+. :\

Hair – If you’re good at teasing wigs, you could get one like this (maybe in Berry or Rust Red, depending on what art/screenshots/etc. you’re going off of) that’s already in pigtails and has bangs and then go to town fixing it up. If you want pigtails that are already curly, you could get something like these (maybe Raspberry or Hot Pink?) — although you need to make sure that the shorter wig you get to clip them to is the same color/has the same color in stock.

Makeup – She has three small, white dots on her cheek below her right eye and it’s unclear if it’s makeup or stickers, but whatever works better for you, in this case!

Shirt – A plain, white button-up shirt could work well for this! Thrift stores, department stores, maybe there’s one already in your closet~ It can either be short or long-sleeved since it’ll be under the jacket (maybe if you’re wearing this during a summer con, a short-sleeved shirt would help with the heat/lack of layers).

Tie – This scarf/tie/ribbon things she wears is made of the same fabric (or at least a fabric with the same exact patterns & colors) as her skirt. If you were to make the skirt, you could buy a little bit of extra fabric to make the tie as well.

Jacket – Kind of looks like a sweatshirt with the way it hangs and how baggy it is and possibly made of a black or dark gray fabric (again, depending on what art/screenshot you’re looking at). There are blocks of pink along the bottom hem, the ends of the sleeves and the collar. There are also pink pom-poms on the ends of pink strings (which look to be the drawstrings for the hood). I’ve never worked with sweatshirt fabric before, so I’m not sure how difficult it is. Depending on how comfortable you are with sewing, you might want to find a black/dark gray hoodie and add pink to it, either with fabric or fabric paint.

Skirt – Clover’s skirt is a short, pleated skirt in a dark red color. There are green stripes on it, making a grid — sort of like a plaid but not as detailed. Again, this is made from the same fabric as the tie so if you’re making the skirt you can purchase a bit of extra fabric. Or if you’re thrift store hunting and find a skirt that’s longer that hers, you can cut the bottom off, use that piece as the tie and hem the skirt to the length it needs to be! This pattern could work for the skirt — the fabric might be a bit harder to find though. It might be easiest to find a plaid that’s dark red with green — there might be some other colored stripes in it (gray, black, etc.), but there’s always the trusty dark red fabric with green fabric paint method!

Leg Warmers – A set of tri-colored leg warmers in white, gray and black, these have pom-poms that match the jacket — two on each leg warmer. The white portion appears to be a faux fur that matches the white of her earmuffs. The gray and black sections also sort of look like a faux fur, but a less fluffy kind. There is a tutorial on how to make faux fur leg warmers/boot covers over here that could be of help!

Shoes – In some images, it looks like she could be wearing thin, black socks with a pair of pink heels — but in others it appears to be a set of heeled boots that have a pink heel, a pink bottom and a pink tip. Finding a cheap pair of heeled boots at a thrift store or online and then painting the pink parts could be the easiest way to go — then you’d have boots to cover with the leg warmers as well! 😉

Watch – Ah, yes. The madness of the Zero Escape watches! Since the ones that were made so long ago when the game came out can occasionally be found on eBay for $100+ dollars, the cheapest route here would be to make your own! dark–typhoon over on DeviantArt has a great tutorial on how to make one!

Zero Escape is one of my favorites series so if you have any ZE cosplay, I’d love to see it! Show us on Twitter or Facebook! 😀


Welcome to a new category — Crafting! It’ll be a place here on Equipped Inventory where we share tutorials and DIY ideas for video game fashion related clothing or accessories. Our first DIY/tutorial will be a reversible Boo necklace made from mini-meltable beads!

I have a shirt that has a Boo on it — scared Boo on the front and sneaky-coming-to-bite-Mario’s-ass Boo on the back — because it’s Boo and I love Boo. He’s up there with Luigi, Shy Guy and Toad in my “favorite characters from the Super Mario Bros. series” list. I also love messing around with meltable beads. I have all kinds of colors and sizes and when I originally made this necklace, Perler wasn’t making small beads so I had to order tiny ones from the U.K. Perler is making mini-beads now so this tutorial will be made using those! They can be found at Michael’s or pretty much any craft store where you can find Perler beads.

The necklace is like the shirt — scared Boo on one side and sneaky-coming-to-bite-Mario’s-ass Boo on the other — so you can use the necklace to share how you’re feeling by wearing it on whichever side is applicable that day! 😉

Here’s what you’ll need to make this necklace!:

    → mini perler beads (112 black, 30 red, 160 white — they come in packs of 2000 so you should be set with one pack of each)
    → tweezers (very tiny ones! Perler sells tweezers especially for the small beads. Look how tiny the tips of the tweezers are! That’s the size you’ll need!)
    → mini-bead pegboard
    → some sort of chain for your necklace
    → 2 jump rings
    → jewelry pliers
    → Perler ironing paper (a small sheet of this is included in the mini pegboard pack)
    → an iron
    → a surface to iron on (not pictured)
    → hot glue gun (not pictured)
    → a pin or an awl (pictured, but possibly not needed — you’ll see why!)

Let’s get started!

1.) Here are the patterns you’ll be using for the front and back of Boo! Put these somewhere where it’s easy to see while you work (whether you want to keep them on your screen cause you’ll be working in front of your computer or tablet or you want to print them out — whatever is easiest for you since you’ll be looking back at them constantly)! I’ve marked with arrows the places you’ll be putting in the jump rings.

2.) You can fit both on one mini board if you place them right — it’s up to you if you want to do one or both at the same time. It’s also up to you how you want to put the beads down. I put the outline in the black beads down first, then add the other black beads needed. Then I move on to the white and finally the red, as you can see in the photos below. If it’s easier for you to go a row at a time, picking up and placing the color bead you need as you get to it, that works as well! 😀

(Note: I also like to do this work on a paper towel so that it’s easy to fold it up and funnel the extra beads I poured out back into the bag when I’m done. Picking up a bunch of tiny beads gets really old, really fast.)

3.) Be very careful once you get all the beads on the board — one knock and they’ll all go flying! Carefully move the board over to your ironing surface and place one of the sheets of ironing paper over the board and beads. Iron over the designs slowly, making sure to check here and there as you’re ironing. When the beads fuse together, they’ll show through the ironing paper. The places marked with the arrows on the pattern are where the jump rings are going, which is what will hold Boo to the chain. Don’t iron over those specific beads too much. You want them to fuse to the others but you don’t want to close the holes in them so completely that you can’t get the jump rings through (or be able to open them back back up a bit with a pin or awl).

4.) Once you have one side ironed (these are the sides that will show), gently pull up the paper. The Boos should be stuck to the paper and come off of the board very easily and you should be able to turn the paper over with them still stuck to it to look at the back. As you can see, on the backs the beads aren’t fused together. It’s up to you whether or not you want to put the second piece of ironing paper over the back to fuse the back parts of the beads as well. The backs of the Boos are going to be hot glued together so it might not be needed as much, but I ironed the backs for extra hold.

5.) Hot glue the backs of the Boos together so you have a tiny bead Boo sandwich. Make sure the holes that are marked on the pattern meet up so you can get the jump rings through them!

6.) Take your jewelry pliers and open the jump rings, then slide them through the holes marked on the pattern. I mentioned needing a pin or an awl or something of the sort if the holes on the marked beads got fused shut too much. If they did, just carefully poke the holes back open enough for the jump rings. Detach the middle of the chain from itself (where the Boo will go) and then attach the two sides of the chain to the jump rings on Boo. (For this tutorial necklace, I started with a really long chain that wasn’t part of an already made necklace chain, so I also had to attach the jump rings and clasp on the back. You should be able to find chain necklaces with clasps already on them in craft stores if you don’t want to deal with adding the clasp!)

7.) Wear your necklace — pick a side to show off! 😉

If you have any questions about this DIY project, please drop us a comment on this post or hit us up on twitter at @EquipInventory. You can also find me on my twitter @hexterah and poke me there with questions as well!

“My heart has been set!” [STATUS]

I’m back from my first year of doctoral studies with some new posts, finally! I, along with many others, have been playing Persona 5 non-stop since it was released mid-April, and to commemorate the multitude of awesome characters, I have some upcoming posts devoted to the great aesthetics in the game.

First up is the sweetest, most precious and kindest princess, Haru Okumura. If you don’t like this sweet child, I don’t want to know you! Not only is her aesthetic gorgeous, but her Persona are incredible too, and she is so, so pure. This post is dedicated to Haru’s purple flowery aesthetic, and might give you ideas if you want to base your own look off of hers!

Lace Trim Cami – Mucha Honeysuckle LeggingsPink Lace Fan

Summer Floppy Hat – Lace Bardot Knit Top – Cameron Street Lucie Crossbody

Pleated Mini SkirtRoses iPhone 7 Case – Rhinestone Floral Choker

What Would Tommy Vercetti Wear? [SPELLS]

Tommy Vercetti - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Okay, so not necessarily JUST Tommy Vercetti here — I’ll cover Lance Vance in this post too! I am a huge fan of everything about the sun-soaked, neon-coated streets and beaches of the titular town in Rockstar Games’ 2002 hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and everything that comes along with it. This game has been in my top ten favorites since the original release (and I’m still deciding which one comes out on top for me between this one and GTAV — WHY NOT BOTH?) and Tommy Vercetti (voiced by Ray Liotta) has always been a favorite protagonist of mine. From his snark to his special Miami Vice City swagger, I just couldn’t resist a post relating to him somehow. I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT SHIRT. And look at only a few of the other things you can dress him in, come on.

Tommy Vercetti - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Anyways, besides loving GTA:VC and Tommy, I am a pretty big fan of the 80’s, so finding looks for this post was right up my alley and I had an absolute blast doing it. In fact, I had such a blast doing it that I feel like the SPELLS category here at Equipped Inventory will have a couple more Vice City related posts as we get closer to the summer!

Tommy Vercetti - Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten
Spring 2014 Menswear
photo: Vogue

Tommy Vercetti - Balmain

Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Tommy Vercetti - Balenciaga

Fall 2017 Menswear
photo: Vogue

I had to find some patterns, of course, since Tommy’s default outfit is The Best Shirt Ever. And I couldn’t resist the Balenciaga jacket there either, due to its Members Only vibe.

Tommy Vercetti - Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant
Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Tommy Vercetti - Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant
Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Tommy Vercetti - Chloé

Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Two of my favorite outfits to put Tommy in were his pinstripe suit and his fabulous burgundy tracksuit so of course I had to find some outfits that reminded me of those somewhat. I also needed to bring in shoulderpads because what is 80’s fashion without giant shoulders?

Lance Vance - Lanvin

Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Lance Vance - Balmain

Resort 2017
photo: Vogue

Besides Tommy (I KNOW THIS POST IS TITLED TOMMY BUT I COULDN’T RESIST), I wanted to make sure I spread the 80’s runway love to other GTA:VC characters so Lance Vance (THE LANCE VANCE DANCE) will be covered here as well. Of course, this is all just making me want to play the game again so maybe that’s on the horizon. It has been a good while since it’s been in my life.

Above and below you’ll see some Lance looks. His light suits are almost as iconic as his dance and almost as memorable as the stunts he pulls in the game. (I still loved him, no matter what. I couldn’t help it.)

Lance Vance - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Lance Vance - Céline

Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
photo: Vogue

Lance Vance - Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs
Resort 2017
photo: Vogue

Look forward to more Vice City SPELLS posts in the near future featuring Mercedes, Vice City citizens and perhaps Phil Cassidy, if I’m feeling particularly ridiculous!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I might go dig out my Playstation 2 and cruise around to the beautiful sounds of my favorite Vice City radio stations — Wave 103 & Fever 105. (I also cannot resist the ~smooth charm~ of Fernando on Emotion 98.3 WHO COULD RESIST THAT, THOUGH????)

Revelations: Persona OST [SAVE POINT]

So a little game called Persona 5 was released here yesterdayRevelations: Persona and our household has already sunk a couple hours into it (and we’re loving it so far). Playing it — as well as the excitement leading up to the release — made me think of the whole series and how much it has affected me as a gamer and all that nostalgic jazz. I first learned about the series in the late 90’s while I was crouched in the video game aisle at our local Blockbuster Video, trolling through so many choices (it wasn’t a lot… but back then it was SO MANY) to find something that looked appealing to me. I came across a game called Kartia, but when I turned the box over to look at the back to hopefully glean some more info about the game I just saw… ads for more games.

Reiji / ChrisOne of them caught my eye though. It was called Revelations: Persona and the logo was written in this red, badass font. There were a couple of screenshots and images of a few of the characters. The only one I definitely remember seeing was Reiji (who was known as Chris in the North American translation) and I absolutely fell in love with him right then. He’s wearing no shirt under his school uniform jacket and a collar with a giant chain on it??? HOW COULD I NOT LOVE HIM? Hehehe. Well, Persona was nowhere to be found in my Blockbuster… so I knew it would be my quest to find it somewhere else.

This was before games (and so many other things) were easily accessible (Amazon having everything in the world, Gamestops on every corner, etc.) so I could have ordered it from a few different sites on the internet but I would’ve paid way more than my middle-schooler budget would allow. Fast-forward a couple months to a vacation I took with my family to Florida. We hit up a giant flea market near the town I was born in and I found a huge table of all kinds of video games. LO AND BEHOLD, THERE WAS REVELATIONS: PERSONA FOR THE PLAYSTATION. I bought it for about $20, which was much more reasonable than what I would have paid online, and when we returned home after vacation, I threw that baby in the PSX and was on my way to Lunarvale! (That was the city’s name in the original NA release okay hahahah)

I adored the game overall, even with the questionable translation issues, the choice to leave out a whole giant sidequest and some of the odd changes they made for the North American version — and I think it’s because Persona was my first real foray into what else games — especially RPGs — could be. I had played Final Fantasy VII, which was my introduction to the genre and had picked some others up here and there afterwards, but they all had that sort of “fantasy” flare. FFVII did have some futuristic elements (I LOVE YOU, MIDGAR) but overall it leaned towards fantasy for me and I had always been a fan of things that Revelations: Persona actually pulled into their games. Alternate universes, occult-related backstories, people’s own inner demons…… aaaaand contacting enemies by dancing seductively for them! One of my absolute favorite aspects of the game was the soundtrack. I was used to sprawling epic fantasy-ish tracks — which were always good, but never exactly my taste (that’s not to say I didn’t like them, but I wouldn’t listen to them as much as other game soundtracks). Persona though, I was floored when I heard the music.

The battle theme got a little repetitive due to the numberRevelations: Persona OST of random encounters (did I mention Revelations: Persona was long and got kind of difficult in spots — when I finally beat it, I wrote on the plastic cup I was drinking out of at the time: PERSONA CUP! And then the date and time I beat the game.) but so many of the other songs made up for it (not to say the battle theme is bad, I love it — but I heard it SO MANY TIMES) and I’ve listened to them hundreds of times by now. They helped to create the exact weird/unsettling atmosphere of the game that I love so much and were just a style I had never heard before in a game — I mean, some of the tracks were downright creepy. Others were positively gorgeous and some made me want to dance — it was just a mix of everything I love. The soundtrack was written by Hidehito Aoki, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Misaki Okibe and Shoji Meguro (who would continue composing works for the series from Persona 3 on) and is definitely one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time.

I asked for the soundtrack for Christmas one year (it was an import so I didn’t expect to get it — I guess my mom realized how obsessed I was with the game) and fell in love with it even more. It had a number of songs on it I had never heard because of the omission of a big sidequest in the North American release so it was like I was hearing it for the first time all over again! 😉

Below are some of my favorite tracks — if I don’t just start linking them I’m gonna go even more crazy rambling about how much I love the whole thing and then never get there.

And I couldn’t leave out the Velvet Room theme.


When the game was re-released for the PSP in 2009, a lot of the songs were remixed, redone completely or scrapped for new songs. It was a great soundtrack (and an amazing remake/port of the original game — especially keeping with a lot more of the Japanese ideas/names/etc. from the original) but it never reached the level of love I had for the original soundtrack from the ’96 Revelations: Persona. I think it was because that game and the music had such an impact on me that it will always hold its own special place in my fandom heart.

Napstablook – Undertale [LOOT/ARMOR]

Napstablook - Undertale

There was a thing going around at some point last year — I saw it on Twitter and Facebook and so on — that asked you to describe yourself in three fictional characters. The three I chose were Kinzie Kensington, Gudetama and the little darling on my shirt above, Napstablook. This little ghost is from the game Undertale and with as many amazing characters, events and things that are in that game, Napstablook is my favorite. If I had a dollar for every time I basicallNapstablook - Undertaley embodied the image to the right, I’d be rich.

Last Christmas, I got this shirt as a gift from my husband who knows just how much I love and relate to Napstablook, hehe. It is an awesome shirt called Space Junk with art by Ian Wilding and can be found on the always amazing Fangamer! Besides being my favorite character, Napstablook is also part of one of my absolute favorite moments in Undertale — the visit to Napstablook’s house. Where you are told about the family’s tradition of eating and then lying on the ground and feeling like garbage, you listen to some kickass music (SPOOKWAVE 4 LYFE) and then you lie down w/ Napstablook and space out (which is when one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack plays). Every single time the precious baby came on screen I would get excited because it would be another round of “OH NO THIS POOR ADORABLE BOO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NAPSTABLOOK” — really I can’t help myself LOOK AT NAPSTABLOOK. DAT FACE.

Napstablook - UndertaleAnyways, THIS SHIRT.  Besides having my favorite ghostie goo on it, it also brings in the whole space theme — and that plus the colors of the shirt bring this to a whole new level of love for me. The purples and blues are really rich and I knew when I saw the whole thing that I had to put an outfit together. I already had pants, glasses and the jacket in mind.

An added bonus with this outfit though, was a few days later when my birthday hit (my birthday is less than a week after Christmas) and I got the Celestial Fireworks LED bracelet from ThinkGeek as a gift! It was also from my husband (and he was v. proud: I GOT IT ON SALE! He loves sales.) — it’s like he knows I like space and things that light up. I guess I married him for a reason. XD

But that matched the shirt as well and I knew it would become part of this outfit too! SPACE! I LOVE SPACE. ALSO I LOVE NAPSTABLOOK.

See, you let me ramble about my baby and space and I will go crazy. Here are some more photos of the outfit! Purples, blues and pinks, man. SPACE. Thanks to Nate for taking the photos! And for knowing me too well! (P.S. naturally, I couldn’t leave the headphones out).

Napstablook - Undertale Napstablook - Undertale Napstablook - Undertale

(My other favorite song on the soundtrack is Waterfall.)

Fallout 4 Gloves [LOOT]

Fallout Gloves

I had this post on the Equipped Inventory schedule well in advance and thought to myself — it’ll still work then! It’s usually still freezing cold where I live at the end of February! — hahahahhahaahhahah, little did I know that would not be the case once the end of February and the beginning of March rolled around. You can see above, if you look closely in the photo of the fabulous Fallout gloves I’m going to talk about in a second, that I’m actually wearing shorts.

So much for glove weather?

Anyways, my husband got me these gloves this past Christmas because I have so many feelings for Fallout, I needed new gloves and I like being able to use my phone while wearing them. Even when I get gloves that have the fingertips that work on phones, there’s always something wrong with them — usually they’re too big for me. :\ So fingerless gloves are a good way to go and that plus the fact that these are Fallout gloves made them a perfect gift! I like that these are fingerless but they actually go up a little higher on my fingers (over my knuckles). Depending on who is wearing them though, that might not be the case — they fit me well but someone with much bigger hands might have a different story then me!

The Vault Boy portrait and Vault 111 logo are made of a bendy rubber and don’t affect how the gloves feel when wearing them and the knit is thick enough that the gloves are warm, but not thick enough to be hot. I wish it had been cold more this winter so I could have actually used them more!

You can find them over at the Hot Topic website!

Fallout Gloves