This is Equipped Inventory, a site dedicated to all the things we love about video games! Below are some things you will find here!
quests and journals

We cover (and stream) all kinds of games — we post about them as well. We’re not a game news site though! We focus more on the personal aspects of games, what they mean to us and why we love them — you’ll see a lot of love for all kinds of games here, including video games [QUESTS] and tabletop games [JOURNALS]!

loot and armor (and love)

Posts looking at fashion in the video game world, whether it’s stuff you can get your hands on [LOOT], to outfits we put together inspired by video games [ARMOR] or a slew of other related posts (vg high fashion looks, cosplay help, DIYs [CRAFTING])! We also won’t hesitate to make posts solely dedicated to how much we love a game or one aspect of it [SAVE POINT]!


And by exploration, we mean streaming — playing through and discovering new games and new things in ones we’ve loved for years. We regularly stream all kinds of games from multiplayer to single-player, horror to throwbacks — our schedule is still in flux as of right now, but there will be a fixed one soon. Keep an eye on our Twitch page as well as our YouTube channel, where we upload a lot of our playthroughs (as well as edited videos of games we didn’t play on stream)!

Casual Central Pt. 2 – a Dance Central Project [ARMOR]
This post/project was originally from 2013 and it was the second half of a two-part set (original posts: 1 & 2). It was posted on...
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New Segment: Dice It Up! [JOURNALS]
Happy 2019 from all of us here at Equipped Inventory! We know we've been slacking here on the site, but we're hoping to change that...
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Such dis-bear! – Monokuma [ARMOR]
I haven't had the time (or budget, hahah IT'S BEEN $60 FOR SO LONG) to play Danganronpa 3 yet but I told myself I was...
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Our 2017 Games of the Year!
2017 has come and gone but we still have the games from it in our libraries -- we're still streaming them too! ;) Here are...
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General Updates & Streaming!
There have been a couple changes here lately! Aphy and I had been talking a lot about the site and games we like and all...
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Grabbin’ Pills! – Left 4 Dead [ARMOR]
I'm gonna be real with you here, readers. I have had a crappy October/beginning of November -- especially the last couple weeks. I've had health...
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