This is Equipped Inventory, a site dedicated to all the things we love about video games! Below are some things you will find here!
quests and journals

We cover (and stream) all kinds of games — we post about them as well. We’re not a game news site though, mostly rambles and projects! We focus more on the personal aspects of games, what they mean to us and why we love them — you’ll see a lot of love for all kinds of games here, including video games [QUESTS] and tabletop games [JOURNALS]!

loot and armor (and love)

Posts looking at fashion in the video game world, whether it’s stuff you can get your hands on [LOOT], to outfits we put together inspired by video games [ARMOR] or a slew of other related posts (vg high fashion looks, cosplay help, DIYs [CRAFTING])! We also won’t hesitate to make posts solely dedicated to how much we love a game or one aspect of it [SAVE POINT]!


And by exploration, we mean streaming — discovering new games and new things in ones we’ve loved for years. We regularly stream all kinds from multiplayer to single-player, horror to throwbacks — our schedule is always in some sort of flux, but we try to post one weekly in our Discord! Keep an eye on our Caffeine page as well as our YouTube channel, where we upload a lot of our playthroughs (as well as edited videos of games we didn’t play on stream)!

Photo Mode Friday – July 12
A few of you found us through this game and to this day it's still one of our favorites! Here are a couple shots from...
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Photo Mode Friday – June 28
Today's Photo Mode Friday shows two cryptic and creepy images from one of my favorite recent games, Layers of Fear 2! We should be playing...
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12-Hour Celebration Stream!
Today (Saturday June 22nd), we will be streaming for 12 hours in celebration of hitting 200 followers over at Caffeine! We've felt really welcomed over...
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Introducing Photo Mode Friday!
I adore dabbling in photography -- whether it's shots that were taken wandering around a local park, cosplay photos of friends at conventions or photos...
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Casual Central Pt. 2 – a Dance Central Project [ARMOR]
This post/project was originally from 2013 and it was the second half of a two-part set (original posts: 1 & 2). It was posted on...
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New Segment: Dice It Up! [JOURNALS]
Happy 2019 from all of us here at Equipped Inventory! We know we've been slacking here on the site, but we're hoping to change that...
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