Introduction to Spells

Princess Peach // Saiid KobeisyOne of the features we’re planning on having here at Equipped Inventory is called Spells (see it goes with armor and loot ;D). This feature will have posts where we take something video game related — one character, a cast of characters — maybe even a setting/place in the game or the game itself —  and gather some runway & high fashion looks that we think fit the subject. Some may be serious, some may be… not so serious. All we know is that we’re going to have fun with it and we hope you will too!

To kick this off, we wanted to take an iconic character and give them one fabulous and very bold look! We went with Princess Peach, of the Mario Bros. series, and picked out this Saiid Kobeisy gown from his Fall Winter 16/17 collection.

Keep an eye out for more of this feature in the future!

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