New Pokémon Line – Insert Coin [LOOT]

InseInsert Coin Clothingrt Coin, a shop with a number of amazing clothes and accessories for gamers, has released a new set of Pokémon clothing! Everything in the line looks great (the Snorlax shirt ♡!) but the My First Pokémon shirts are extra adorable. I’ve gotten things from this site before and everything I have received has been high-quality and has shipped/arrived quickly! The site is based in the UK and I’m on the east coast of the United States, so the quick shipping (quick for international!) is a definite plus.

The line is selling out fast so make sure you pick up your favorites before they’re gone!

(Extra somewhat related note: If you’re a Resident Evil fan, their RE items are on sale for 60% off right now! The Jill Sandwich shirt is perfect.)

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