Welcome to Equipped Inventory!

equipped inventory

Welcome to Equipped Inventory! We’re a group of friends who love video games with all our hearts — we’re also fans of showing how much we love our favorite games in ways other than the norm. 😉

This is a blog where you’ll find info, posts, features, news and all kinds of other things relating to video games and fashion. One day you might find a post with a video game inspired outfit, another day you might find a post picking apart a character’s costume for cosplay reasons or a story about a new line of video game merchandise, maybe a makeup tutorial some other day or maybe a photoset sharing what certain characters might wear straight from the runway! There might be some other non-fashion but video-game-related posts in here as well — keep your eyes peeled!

Hopefully you find something you enjoy here! We have fun doing stuff like this so we hope you have fun reading and looking at it.

See you later! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
♡, Mod Heather

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