Black Friday Roundup [MISSION LOG]

It’s that time of year! This post is celebrating that time with all the Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday deals we can find at the moment) we can find related to video game merchandise, video game fashion and cosplay items as well!

  • Sale: Many of the items in Bethesda’s shop are 20% off through the 27th (Also, free U.S. shipping on orders over $50)
  • Sale: A lot of the gear in BioWare’s shop is 20% off through the 27th (Free U.S. shipping on orders over $50 here too!)
  • Sale: Irrational Games has a sale going on for many of their items from the 23rd – 28th — some items are up to 75% off
  • Sale: Between the 25th and the 28th, every item in the Rockstar Warehouse is 30% off (This excludes Red Dead Redemption 2 preorders though!)
  • Sale: Insert Coin has a ton of their items on sale including Persona 4, Uncharted & Assassin’s Creed gear
  • Sale: ThinkGeek has many awesome finds in their Black Friday Sale Section including an Exclusive Legend of Zelda Link Robe, an LED Potion Desk Lamp, a MegaMan Hoodie, and a really cool chest full of Borderlands Level 50 Limited Edition Swag (Make sure you check out the normal sale section as well — not just the Black Friday one!)
  • Sale: You can check out the Blizzard Gear shop to find a lot of great deals on apparel, figures and accessories
  • Sale: If you use the code BLKFRIDAY on Redbubble, you can get 35% off of hoodies & sweatshirts and 20% off of everything else (with some searching you can find some really cool video game related items!)
  • Sale: Hot Topic has a whole bunch of video game items throughout their online store, many of which are 25% off! Also, all t-shirts are $10

We hope your holiday weekend has been going well so far! If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and all that jazz, no worries — we still hope your week and weekend go awesome! 😉 Stay safe!

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