Happy N7 Day, Marines! [LOOT]

The best day to max out those storage slots and over-encumber on Mass Effect merchandise has arrived once again! This year’s N7 Day promises to pack quite the punch, not just for your wallet but for Mass Effect Andromeda news as well. But first, let’s get to the loot!

ThinkGeek just announced a new line of Mass Effect clothing with the exclusive Capsule Collection. This gorgeous line features brand new N7 gear for the FemShep in all of us. Show your support for the Systems Alliance N7 Special Forces program with items ranging from the armour stripe cowl hoodie, heather princess seam dress to my personal favorite, the infinity snap scarf.

ThinkGeek Mass Effect Capsule Collection! ThinkGeek Mass Effect Capsule Collection! ThinkGeek Mass Effect Capsule Collection!

The Capsule Collection is currently available for Pre-Order from ThinkGeek.com with items arriving in mid-December. We suggest you snatch your favorites up now, before the return of the Reapers.

Don’t forget about the MaleShep in your life! ThinkGeek also has plenty of other Loot to help celebrate N7 day in true Mass Effect style with the N7 cadet tee or throwback to the original Mass Effect with the Mako tee.

And if Insert Coin ME Announcement!that news wasn’t exciting enough to pull Garrus away from his calibrations, Insert Coin has partnered with BioWare to bring us more exclusive material for N7 day. They are keeping the details under wraps for now, but this partnership will include new loot for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Finally, that brings us to news even Joker would dance for–if he could without breaking a leg. Bioware dropped a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda just a little while ago (which you can find below). After what has been the first few of many viewings, it appears the new main character will be the Pathfinder. A highly trained elite soldier that will be tasked with finding a new home for the humans aboard the Ark, volunteers of the Andromeda Initiative sent to colonize distant planets after a 600 year cryo-sleep. You can sign up for the Andromeda Initiative here. The release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda has yet to be announced, though it is expected to drop in the Spring of 2017.

Equipped Inventory is standing by to bring you all the latest news from the Citadel. Until then, I should go.

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