Keeping Warm In Vault 111 [LOOT]

But why would I need to keep warm in a Vault, Heather? Aren’t they lovely enclosed units where families can live safely after a nuclear blast? Complete with water, food, shelter and heat?

Heat. Maybe in other Vaults, sure. But 111? Not so much. 😉

Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie

Bethesda has released a lot of awesome merchandise for their Fallout series over time, but their Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie has to be one of my favorite things. It came out shortly after Fallout 4’s release and I stared longingly at it numerous times, which I guess my husband noted, since he got it for me as a Christmas present last year. (I stared at it too much.)

I love this hoodie (and there are others out there like this one — a Skyrim one also found on Bethesda’s shop and a few Mass Effect ones on BioWare’s store!) — it’s super warm and there are a number of ways you can wear it, thanks to the hood/collar. When the hood is off, it can look like a scarf or a cowl neck warmer and thanks to the size of it, when the hood is up it blocks a good amount of wind. I found this out last winter when I wore this under my overcoat in the freezing weather.

Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie

The details on it are quite cool as well. Besides the yellow trim and the 111 on the hood, there is matching yellow trim on the thumb holes (which are also awesome because the sleeve covers more of your hand) and the zipper pull has the bolt that you usually see in the “o” of the game logo. There is also a giant 111 on the back, which I didn’t get a photo of because I am dopey (aka we had just spent all day taking photos at a spooky mansion out of state and had returned to our hotel room late at night when I decided HEY LET’S GET PHOTOS OF THIS HOODIE WHILE I HAVE IT ON good job heather)…

Ladies Vault 111 ANGL Hoodie

Even more of an added bonus: there are headphone feeds in both pockets and I really appreciate that as someone who listens to music all the time. 🙂

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