Happy Holidays from VAULT-TEC! (And us!) [LOOT]

You know we couldn’t escape Christmas here without an ugly holiday sweater outfit/post, right? We provided a list of places to get some of these beauties last week and today I have some photos in my new favorite toasty Fallout sweater that I got earlier this month. If you are a fan of this one, you can grab it here!

The overabundance of things going on with this sweater only happens to be one of the reasons I love it so much. Not only do you have multiple borders, trees, snowflakes and deer, you ALSO have a winking Vault Boy, the Vault-Tec logo and them wishing you a Merry Christmas. Can’t forget the radiation trefoils around the elbows too! 😉

The hat in the photo above was made by the super talented Chrispy (a good friend and all around A+ person) of Buttered Buns Studios! Besides being a very well made hat, it’s really warm (my ears get wicked cold) and the details are wonderful (the 111 cog looks perfect).

We hope you all are having a great holiday season and are enjoying whatever traditions you and your family and/or friends celebrate! Enjoy the rest of the holidays (and the rest of the year!) and we’ll see you in 2017! ♡

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