Big Daddy Backpack [LOOT]

Big Daddy BackpackIf you know me, you know I am a huge fan of BioShock (and BioShock 2!) — I adore the look/feel of Rapture (some of the people there… not so much) and the plotline. My husband also loves it and we love it so much that we had a BioShock wedding! Well, what we could do on our budget, but I digress.

BASICALLY, I LOVE BIOSHOCK. When I saw this backpack pop up on ThinkGeek, I instantly fell in love with it and purchased it with money I received for my birthday!

The Big Daddy Backpack is a great nod to the giant, lumbering, instantly recognizable “mascots” of the first two games in the series. I use the term mascots loosely, but you know what I mean. 😉 The flap is styled after the Bouncer Big Daddy head/mask and has the little portholes that their masks have — these change color as you shift the flap back and forth so from one angle you might have a chill Big Daddy on your back, while another angle has you wearing an angry Big Daddy! Maybe someone got too close to the adorable Little Sister keychain that comes with the backpack (also, the keychain is removable if you wanted to put the Little Sister somewhere else).

The main part of the backpack has a drawstring closure and no interior pockets — it also has no padding, so if you’re planning to put a tablet or laptop in there, be careful! There is a ton of room in there though, which is good! The two pockets on the sides have covers you can sort of pull over them, while the two pockets on the front (under the main flap) have no closures or covers, so if you set the bag down on a table and things inside are uneven, items might slide out of the two pockets.

The Rapture logo is an awesome detail, as are the images of the drills on the side pockets, and the bag is really well made and sturdy. The only negative thing for me is the lack of closure on the pockets under the flap. I was kind of thinking about adding my own closures on those somehow… we’ll see! Besides that, I think this is a great item for any fan of Rapture, Big Daddies or BioShock. Especially if you like to carry around a bunch of notebooks like I do.

Below you’ll find some images I took of the backpack, including one of me wearing it so you can see how it hangs while on and full of stuff. 🙂

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