Catherine or Katherine? [SKILLS/ARMOR]

CatherineThis week we wanted to focus on a game that had a little romance in it because of Valentine’s Day and all and the one that ended up being chosen was Catherine… which hahah, Catherine ahahahahahah romance. If you’ve played the game you know how crazy it is, but then again, we’re a little crazy here and have had a lot of fun with that game in the past. Plus, the titular Catherine — as well as Katherine — both have a sense of style one might want to snag in the future, so we decided to start a couple new categories here today with this supersized post!

KatherineWe’re going to tackle both new categories at the same time in this post — Character Status, which will look at outfits and items online — as well as places you can order items (or maybe places you can order cheaper lookalikes of said items!) — that tie back to the character (or characters) we are focusing on in that certain post. And then Skills — which will break down character’s outfits for cosplaying purposes (and other possible notes related to their outfits).

Since Catherine and Katherine both wear outfits you can cosplay as well as wear whenever you want (in reality, you could wear cosplay whenever you want — forget saving it for cons! ;D) we decided this would be a great way to start both categories at once!

We’ve put together some sets of items on Polyvore for both characters (something you will usually see for subsequent Character Status posts) and we’ll go through them mentioning each item one-by-one and where you could find something similar for either everyday wear or straight up cosplay use! (Which is where the Skills part of the post comes in!)


Catherine’s outfit on its own might be a little risqué for work or everyday wear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take bits and pieces from it! And since it’s an outfit based heavily in reality, it shouldn’t be too hard to find pieces for it! (Also, in the above collage you’ll see sheep earrings… she doesn’t wear sheep earrings but I had to include them there because of their part in the game! I had to, I’m sorry.)

Catherine Catherine White Corset Top – If you’re someone who likes to sew, a pattern like Simplicity 8130 might be a good option for something like Catherine’s outer top. Ebay usually has a good number of corsets that won’t break the bank (they aren’t the greatest quality, but if you aren’t putting a lot of wear and tear on it then it should work out fine). Catherine also wears a lace camisole under the top and there are a number of cheap ones on Amazon (like this one!).

Catherine White Miniskirt – Her skirt is simple enough. There are two white buttons on the bottom front in the center, but something like those could easily be added if one was going for accuracy! Again, Amazon is a great place to look for cheap options.

Catherine Red Tie Belt – Actually, a bridal sash might be the closest and cheapest option to go with for Catherine’s belt! If you want the same kind of feel but not that big, something like this could definitely work as well.

Catherine White Thigh-High Tights – These can be ordered online easily — not all stores carry thigh-highs (especially in white), but it never hurts to check!

Catherine White Heels – Thrift stores are a good place to look for a cheaper price on shoes. These aren’t as easy to find as Katherine’s black pumps, but they’re out there! If you’re ordering them online just make sure you check the return policy and all that in case you get them and they don’t fit or something along those lines.

Catherine White Lace Choker – Apparently the 90’s are coming back so these are really easy to find online right now. 😉



Like Catherine, Katherine’s outfit is also heavily based in reality so finding pieces for it shouldn’t be super difficult — also, getting pieces for it means you can wear the whole outfit whenever you want and/or cosplay as Katherine whenever you want. 😉

Katherine Glasses – This is more of a cosplaying thing than an everyday wear thing (if you don’t wear glasses). There are reading glasses you can get that resemble hers — or you can get a pair with similar frames and take out the lenses. Ebay is a good place to search for cheap eyeglass frames.

Katherine Katherine Black Top – A 3/4 sleeve black top with a mandarin collar, possibly button-up all the way but the bottom will be covered by the piece listed below. This seems like a normal enough piece but might be something that needs to be modified to look exactly like hers (cosplayers might want to go for that, but just wearing something like hers for every day wear might not need to be that exact about a match). A close pattern match if you like to sew is New Look 6941 and something somewhat similar without any modification can be found in something like this top, which has the buttons and the collar, but not the right sleeve length. It all depends on what you’re going for here (accuracy or something that matches the feel)~

Katherine Katherine Black Pinstriped Waist Cincher – Katherine wears something from her waist up to under her bust that is black with blue vertical pinstripes. At first I thought it was part of the shirt, but looking at the PVC figure of her (the waist of the figure is the image to the right), it looks like it’s a separate piece — so a corset belt, waist cincher or underbust corset could work for this. Her’s doesn’t have any visible buckles or ties so there’s always the option to make one if you’re crafty (a pattern like this one might be help there)! If buying one would better suit you, something like this could work. There are also awesome sellers on online marketplaces like Etsy who make things like this that could definitely work as well! Online marketplaces for people who make handmade items and clothing are a great place to look for pieces that aren’t everyday items — especially if you find a merchant who takes commissions!

Katherine Blue & Silver Belt – This is probably the hardest piece to find an exact match for — if you’re going the cosplay route then you could try your hand at making one (adding blue stones to silver medallions and piecing them together with chain is something that could possibly be achieved after a trip to a craft store or two!), but if you’re going the every day wear route, there are options like this one! It looks similar but not exact. She also has two silver chains that hang from the left half of her belt — both starting and ending at different medallions. If you like that look and want to add it to a belt, silver chain is easy to find at any craft store!

Katherine Off-Black Tights – These are easier to find in stores than Catherine’s white thigh highs. Since Katherine wears them under pants you could get knee-highs, full tights — whatever you feel best in!

Katherine Black Pumps – Thrift stores are a good place to look for a cheaper price on a pair of these. You can find them all over though! Again, if you’re ordering them online make sure you check the return policy and all that in case you get them and they don’t fit or something along those lines.

Katherine Blue Nail Polish – This part’s easy! So many stores carry all kinds of colors of nail polish these days and finding a blue like hers shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, make sure you check all the different displays along the makeup aisle (since it’s all always separated by brand) — there could be a similar blue by a brand that is cheaper!

Phew, so much C/Katherine! Look for more posts in the Character Status and Skills categories in the future! They won’t be this long and rambly, I promise. I hope your 2017 is going well so far! ♡

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