Fallout 4 Gloves [LOOT]

Fallout Gloves

I had this post on the Equipped Inventory schedule well in advance and thought to myself — it’ll still work then! It’s usually still freezing cold where I live at the end of February! — hahahahhahaahhahah, little did I know that would not be the case once the end of February and the beginning of March rolled around. You can see above, if you look closely in the photo of the fabulous Fallout gloves I’m going to talk about in a second, that I’m actually wearing shorts.

So much for glove weather?

Anyways, my husband got me these gloves this past Christmas because I have so many feelings for Fallout, I needed new gloves and I like being able to use my phone while wearing them. Even when I get gloves that have the fingertips that work on phones, there’s always something wrong with them — usually they’re too big for me. :\ So fingerless gloves are a good way to go and that plus the fact that these are Fallout gloves made them a perfect gift! I like that these are fingerless but they actually go up a little higher on my fingers (over my knuckles). Depending on who is wearing them though, that might not be the case — they fit me well but someone with much bigger hands might have a different story then me!

The Vault Boy portrait and Vault 111 logo are made of a bendy rubber and don’t affect how the gloves feel when wearing them and the knit is thick enough that the gloves are warm, but not thick enough to be hot. I wish it had been cold more this winter so I could have actually used them more!

You can find them over at the Hot Topic website!

Fallout Gloves

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