“My heart has been set!” [ARMOR]

I’m back from my first year of doctoral studies with some new posts, finally! I, along with many others, have been playing Persona 5 non-stop since it was released mid-April, and to commemorate the multitude of awesome characters, I have some upcoming posts devoted to the great aesthetics in the game.

First up is the sweetest, most precious and kindest princess, Haru Okumura. If you don’t like this sweet child, I don’t want to know you! Not only is her aesthetic gorgeous, but her Persona are incredible too, and she is so, so pure. This post is dedicated to Haru’s purple flowery aesthetic, and might give you ideas if you want to base your own look off of hers!

Lace Trim Cami – Mucha Honeysuckle LeggingsPink Lace Fan

Summer Floppy Hat – Lace Bardot Knit Top – Cameron Street Lucie Crossbody

Pleated Mini SkirtRoses iPhone 7 Case – Rhinestone Floral Choker

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