Clover – Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors [SKILLS]

Clover - Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Clover - Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 DoorsWith con season in full swing, we figured the Skills category needed another post! Today we’re going to be looking at one of the many characters from the Zero Escape series — Clover! Specifically her outfit from the first game of the series, 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I can’t praise the game enough and if you’re a fan of visual novels and plot twists galore and haven’t had a chance to pick this series up yet, you should give it a shot!

Each character in 999 has their own unique style and Clover is no different. In fact, she’s one of the most recognizable characters from the cast — even more than Junpei and his magical puffy turquoise vest. It might be her hair or the leg warmers — but whatever it is, it’s all very her and we’re going to look at each piece of her outfit for cosplay purposes!

Earmuffs – Clover’s earmuffs are a white leopard print which covers the headband part as well as the actual earmuffs. If you wanted to buy a pair of regular/cheaper earmuffs and cover them with white leopard print fabric, that might be an easier way to go. Or something a little off when it comes to the color like these, where the idea will get across but it’s not exact (but they’re cheap!)~ I found links to a couple pairs that were all-over white leopard print, but they were either sold out or $100+. :\

Hair – If you’re good at teasing wigs, you could get one like this (maybe in Berry or Rust Red, depending on what art/screenshots/etc. you’re going off of) that’s already in pigtails and has bangs and then go to town fixing it up. If you want pigtails that are already curly, you could get something like these (maybe Raspberry or Hot Pink?) — although you need to make sure that the shorter wig you get to clip them to is the same color/has the same color in stock.

Makeup – She has three small, white dots on her cheek below her right eye and it’s unclear if it’s makeup or stickers, but whatever works better for you, in this case!

Shirt – A plain, white button-up shirt could work well for this! Thrift stores, department stores, maybe there’s one already in your closet~ It can either be short or long-sleeved since it’ll be under the jacket (maybe if you’re wearing this during a summer con, a short-sleeved shirt would help with the heat/lack of layers).

Tie – This scarf/tie/ribbon things she wears is made of the same fabric (or at least a fabric with the same exact patterns & colors) as her skirt. If you were to make the skirt, you could buy a little bit of extra fabric to make the tie as well.

Jacket – Kind of looks like a sweatshirt with the way it hangs and how baggy it is and possibly made of a black or dark gray fabric (again, depending on what art/screenshot you’re looking at). There are blocks of pink along the bottom hem, the ends of the sleeves and the collar. There are also pink pom-poms on the ends of pink strings (which look to be the drawstrings for the hood). I’ve never worked with sweatshirt fabric before, so I’m not sure how difficult it is. Depending on how comfortable you are with sewing, you might want to find a black/dark gray hoodie and add pink to it, either with fabric or fabric paint.

Skirt – Clover’s skirt is a short, pleated skirt in a dark red color. There are green stripes on it, making a grid — sort of like a plaid but not as detailed. Again, this is made from the same fabric as the tie so if you’re making the skirt you can purchase a bit of extra fabric. Or if you’re thrift store hunting and find a skirt that’s longer that hers, you can cut the bottom off, use that piece as the tie and hem the skirt to the length it needs to be! This pattern could work for the skirt — the fabric might be a bit harder to find though. It might be easiest to find a plaid that’s dark red with green — there might be some other colored stripes in it (gray, black, etc.), but there’s always the trusty dark red fabric with green fabric paint method!

Leg Warmers – A set of tri-colored leg warmers in white, gray and black, these have pom-poms that match the jacket — two on each leg warmer. The white portion appears to be a faux fur that matches the white of her earmuffs. The gray and black sections also sort of look like a faux fur, but a less fluffy kind. There is a tutorial on how to make faux fur leg warmers/boot covers over here that could be of help!

Shoes – In some images, it looks like she could be wearing thin, black socks with a pair of pink heels — but in others it appears to be a set of heeled boots that have a pink heel, a pink bottom and a pink tip. Finding a cheap pair of heeled boots at a thrift store or online and then painting the pink parts could be the easiest way to go — then you’d have boots to cover with the leg warmers as well! 😉

Watch – Ah, yes. The madness of the Zero Escape watches! Since the ones that were made so long ago when the game came out can occasionally be found on eBay for $100+ dollars, the cheapest route here would be to make your own! dark–typhoon over on DeviantArt has a great tutorial on how to make one!

Zero Escape is one of my favorites series so if you have any ZE cosplay, I’d love to see it! Show us on Twitter or Facebook! 😀

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