Cyberpunk Wonderland [ARMOR]

With the theatrical release of Bladerunner 2049 (above center) and recent video game releases like Bloober Team’s psychological horror gem Observer (above right) and Reikon Games’ beautifully brutal Ruiner (above left), the cyberpunk genre is seeing a magnificent resurgence — it’s always been there, hovering quietly, really. But now the genre is screeching to a halt right in the spotlight and I couldn’t be more excited. Of all the punks, cyberpunk has been my second home for years and years.

To celebrate this magical time, we thought we’d gather up a set of items to get you started on your own cyberpunk look! Now, these are just a few suggestions/some inspiration to get you started. There are many styles under the cyberpunk umbrella — you might be more Gareth Pugh-inspired, more Rick Owens-inspired or more anime-inspired and that’s great! Fashion is always about making your own choices and finding your own style and this is a great genre to find inspiration from. Of course, I’m biased cause like I said, cyberpunk has been my second home for Far Too Long.

Crisiswear ClothingHooded Cowl Dress // CyberdogShield Necklace // ZOLNARCyberpunk Top

Alter Egos SocietyFuture Bag // Crisiswear ClothingBREETVA Halter Top // Michelle UberresteOtherworldly Skirt

PoprageousCircuit Board Leggings // bioticGeometrical Posturing Collar // ZUKUJewelleryProletariat Glass Earrings

ZOLNARIndustrial Arm Warmers // sistatankCyberpunk Printed Top // CyberdogScrew Visor

For a good look at cyberpunk fashion in the media, check out this blog post over on!

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