12-Hour Celebration Stream!

Today (Saturday June 22nd), we will be streaming for 12 hours in celebration of hitting 200 followers over at Caffeine! We’ve felt really welcomed over there and love the community and platform, even though they’re still in pre-release. Definitely check them out if you’re a streamer (or a person looking to find some new streamers to watch! :D)

We’ll be starting at 2pm EST and streaming for 12 hours and the schedule is as follows (all times are EST)!:

  • 2PM: Aphy plays Baba Is You
  • 3PM: Aphy plays GTA Online w/ people (friend her on Social Club @AphyCee!)
  • 5PM: Aphy & Gecko play Super Nintendo games
  • 6PM: Drae & hex play Fallout 76
  • 8PM: Don’t Starve Together w/ the whole team!
  • 10PM: Left 4 Dead 2 w/ the whole team!
  • 12AM: Pummel Party/Hand Simulator/something ridiculous

Our goal for the stream is to hit 250 followers! We love making new friends and would love to see new faces on Saturday (as well as old ones — you’re the amazing people who got us to this celebration in the first place!)… so stop by and say hey! 😀

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